About Us

About Us

CORAL is a Civil Organization that since 1989, dedicates its efforts to the clinical and therapeutic care of people with hearing loss and their families in the conurban and rural areas of the State of Oaxaca, with special emphasis on people of limited resources.

At CORAL we are a team of people specialized in the areas of audiology, social work, hearing and language therapy, psychology, pedagogy, teachers in LSM, social psychology, anthropology and administration; All, very motivated to contribute to improve the conditions of hearing loss both for people who already live, and in preventing their appearance.

We seek a world without barriers, a place where hearing loss is not an impediment for people to develop their full potential and join the social, educational and emotional life to which all human beings are entitled.

Our History

CORAL was created by its founders and spouses Rick Carroll and Nancy Press accompanied by the social worker, Silvia Torres Zurita. In 1987, the couple traveled to Oaxaca and witnessed the scarcity of services available for children with hearing loss in Mexico. The couple began sending hearing aids to the newly created team between Silvia Torres and an audiologist. What began 25 years ago as an aid in providing hearing aids, became a full-service audiological health care program. Today CORAL serves more than 2,500 people with hearing loss and their families annually.