If the oppressive heat penetrates into your home in summer, you will no longer be as efficient. An air conditioner can help and cool the air in your room. Most air conditioners work with a refrigerant circuit between the compressor and the cooling frame. In monoblock air conditioners, both parts are housed in a single housing, which allows mobile use in a compact design.

Split air conditioners, on the other hand, consist of two parts: the compressor outside and the cooling fins in your home. This makes them quieter and more energy efficient. Although air coolers also reduce room temperature, they also increase humidity by evaporating water.

Technology and function of air conditioning systems

The outside temperatures change not only in the course of the seasons, but also between day and night from icy-cold to sunny-hot. In order to achieve pleasant room temperatures of about 20 °C even in winter, all houses today are equipped with heating as standard. However, in summer the temperatures outside regularly exceed the range in which you feel comfortable, and also in your apartment the warmth becomes unpleasant.

Air conditioners are a practical solution for being prepared for heat waves and keeping a cool head. These cool the air in the room and thus create a healthy indoor climate even in summer. Meanwhile, there are also a number of air conditioners that you can use in your home.

A healthy room climate for your home

The setting of an ideal room temperature is desirable for health reasons: because our body constantly draws energy from the burning of food, it is also dependent on the continuous release of heat to the environment. However, if the ambient temperature is too high, your body can no longer cool down through evaporation of sweat and there is a risk of circulatory problems.

If the room temperature is too high, your performance is reduced: above 28 °C, it is only about 70% of the maximum value you can reach at about 20 °C room temperature. In fact, the technical regulations for workplaces in Germany also state that a maximum temperature of 26 °C must not be exceeded in work rooms without suitable protective measures.

What types of air conditioners are there?

There are various technical solutions for cooling the air in your home. The most commonly used air conditioners use a refrigerant that flows in a circuit between a compressor and the cooling fins of the air conditioner. In the compressor, the refrigerant is compressed and liquefied before it flows through the cooling fins. There it can expand and evaporate again, absorbing heat from the environment, which is cooled in this way. The gaseous refrigerant then flows back to the compressor, where the cooling circuit closes.

Such a refrigerating machine is used in air-conditioning systems and can also be found in refrigerators in a similar design. The heart of this refrigerant circuit is the compressor: here electrical energy is used to liquefy the refrigerant and to give it the potential to cool the room later by evaporative cooling. However, the compressor inevitably produces waste heat that has to be led outside. The worse the compressor’s energy efficiency, the greater the power consumption and the more hot air has to be removed.

The heat dissipated by the compressor to its surroundings is in the way of cooling your home. For a good cooling effect it is necessary that the warm air is transported outside, but the cooling fins of the air conditioner are located inside the room. There are essentially three different concepts of how the air conditioner manages to separate the cooling and heating components.

Climate window units for easy installation

A hybrid solution of monoblock air conditioners and split units are window units that consist of a housing but are installed in the window opening. One half of the unit is on the inside of the room, the other half outside. As a rule, the installation of window devices is easier than that of split air conditioners, because the window opening no longer requires a complete wall opening.

What are the differences between air coolers and air conditioners?

Occasionally, air coolers are offered among a wide variety of air conditioning systems. These also have the purpose of lowering the room temperature, but they are not based on the circulation of a refrigerant, but on the evaporation cooling of water. A tank in the unit is pre-filled with water, which is blown past by the warm room air with a fan. The water evaporates slowly and absorbs heat from the passing air. This cools the expelled exhaust air.

Because air coolers do not require large compressors, the units are very compact and lightweight, so that they can be used mobile at different locations. In addition, electricity consumption is significantly lower due to the elimination of the compressor, as only a simple fan is required. However, the cooling capacity is much lower than with air conditioners with a compressor, and cold water has to be replenished regularly for operation.

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