Wedding Planning Tips

Every bridal couple usually plans their wedding for the first time and of course doesn’t want to do anything wrong and be prepared for everything. To make this easier for you, I would like to list one wedding tip after the other, which I would like to give you along the way, so that your wedding will be perfect. In the end, 7 wedding tips came together.

I hope that one or the other wedding tip can help or inspire you. I have listed the wedding tips in the same order as the wedding planning. From the first steps of planning to the day after the wedding, there is at least one wedding tip for each stage of wedding planning.

Begin wedding planning correctly

Before you start looking for a location, it’s best to get together and discuss the key dates, when do we want to get married? How many guests do we want to marry? Do we only want to marry civil or also church? In which surroundings should the wedding take place? What kind of location do we imagine? You should clarify these questions with the thought that time and money do not play a role. Only then should you speculate how high your budget is and whether your wishes can be fulfilled with this budget and the means at your disposal.

Visit wedding fairs

It is not necessary to go to wedding fairs if you already have an idea of getting married in Bali , but if you are still undecided with your concept, looking for ideas and inspiration, then I would recommend it to you. At wedding fairs you will find all sorts of service providers you can get to know and consult. It is always a good idea to exchange ideas with others to see what possibilities there are for wedding planning. If you are still lacking service providers, you can get to know many of them personally at wedding fairs and save yourself a long search on the net.

Start wedding planning in time

It is important that you start planning your wedding on time. The best time is to start a year in advance. So you have enough time to book the right wedding service provider and find a suitable location. Depending on when your wedding is to take place, the service providers and locations may already be fully booked. Since you can book the registry office only 6 months before the wedding, it is important that you know when your church or free wedding should take place.

Therefore, make sure you know well in advance which dates are still available so that you can find alternatives if necessary. You can reserve your wedding date at least once at the registry office. For a few things, like the stationery and other things you will order, the delivery time must also be planned. Read in my blog post The right wedding date find more about this topic.

Buy Weddingplanner Notebook

Wedding planning often starts with collecting lists of possible locations, creating pros and cons lists, and collecting contact information from various service providers. Contracts and the documents for the civil wedding must also be filed in an organized way, so that everything is ready to hand. So that you can also record your ideas, DJY projects and checklists somewhere, I give you the wedding tip to buy or make a Wedding Planner.

Many shops offer beautiful Wedding Planner with ready-made lists, also for the maid of honor there is a planner. Of course you can also design your own folder or notebook. A nice memory of the planning time is that too. Afterwards you can browse through the pages and remember your planning steps.

Don’t try to please others

This wedding tip will prove itself and save you stress. It often happens that friends and relatives want to get involved in the wedding planning. Since every taste is different, you will be tempted to do justice to others and plan your wedding according to the wishes of others. But don’t forget that it is your wedding. You must like the program, the decoration, the bouquet, the music and everything that goes with it. For a relaxed wedding planning you can read my blog post Expectations vs Reality.

Consider traffic and public events at the wedding date on a holiday

If your wedding date falls on a holiday, be sure to check the traffic situation in your area and whether there are any public events nearby.

Saving tip: instead of wedding location prepare a garden or inner courtyard

With a low budget or if you can’t find a suitable location for the wedding in your chosen location, you can see if it is a good idea to celebrate your wedding in a larger garden or a beautiful courtyard.

There are great possibilities to create an enchanting wedding location from a cosy courtyard. To get tips for a wedding in your own garden you can read the blog posts Everything about garden weddings and inspiration for a wedding in your own garden. There you will find many tips, ideas and pictures that can inspire you.

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